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Studying in Japan from Nepal is greatest appeal, it's an academic environment where one can study state-of-the-art technology and acquire the knowledge.

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Everything you need to know, Japan is famous for its supposed homogeny, but Japan's population is much more diverse than ; Religion.

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Hakuho Japanese Language School is a training institute for Japanese Language education. Hakuho was established in the year 2006 A.D. with the slogan “If tried, dreams come true”. The main objective of this is to make Nepal-Japan relationship strong by the medium of learning and sharing language especially for the Nepalese students in effective teaching methodology. We are well equipped with adequate teaching materials and highly experienced teachers. We not only teach Japanese language but also Japanese culture, tradition and behaviors. We provide free counselling for further education in Japan and other various important information.

Study in Japan

Prospective students will want to know about their visa options and the benefits and requirements of those options. For many students, being able to work will be a critical issue. Students should be told what documentation or other evidence is required for a student visa, and be given a clear time frame for preparing and submitting their application. For these you must have good student counselor in order to advice on all your requirement.

The quality and cost of living are important considerations when choosing a destination country. The student need to know about the range of accommodation available and its cost.

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Japanese Language Class

JLPT The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) has been offered by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (formerly...


We start with the background checks of student’s eligibility for enrollment into institutions. We have a very secure, safe and...

Documentation Guidance

We provide help for making each and every documents. We guide them through each and every steps while making their...

Subhadra Raj Bhandari

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Your decision to study abroad is a good one, provided your application to your chosen destination country is backed by your profile, background, preference and experience. Studying abroad provides a fantastic opportunity to pursue your future career path. You may want to study abroad for a combination of reasons such as academic prowess, career and employment opportunities or something as simple as personal enrichment. For this you may need detailed information on required qualifications and what the educational framework of each destination country is like. When it comes to planning international study, keep in mind your personal objectives while looking at key issues such as course availability, entry requirements, projected outcomes, costs, course duration, academic content, employment options during study and so on.

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